Saturday, October 12, 2013

Refashion Runway Season Two: Leather

This week I'm in my beautiful home state of Oklahoma, which works out great for this week's leather refashion.  I had to leave my dress form at home, but  I'm lucky that my gorgeous sister, Amber, volunteered to let me make a refashion for her.  She even modeled for me.
I found this neon green leather skirt at Goodwill for $10 (leather is not cheap in Hawaii).  The zipper was broken, and I began to wonder if there was any way I could save it.  Just when I was about to give up hope, I remembered that I had tried to make a dress out of a tribal print skirt, which didn't quite work out, and I had a pair of jeans that were too big. 

I got to work constructing a herring bone pattern out of the leather and tribal print. I found a tutorial for a herring bone quilt at .Riley Blake Designs and adapted it for the skirt.  In order for the tribal print to stand up to the leather, I ironed on a backing. 

Once the herring bone was completed, I tore the jeans apart to make a jean skirt.  The leather and tribal print herring bone was inserted into the center. 
My lovely sister volunteered to be my dress form this week
The band around the leg of the jeans became the top band of the skirt.
Bits and pieces were constructed for the bias tape around the bottom of the skirt.
I added a zipper in the back.  In order to add a little something to the skirt, I created a leather necklace by cutting strips of leather and attaching it to chain.  I added some striped beads because they matched so well. 
This leather refashion is perfect for an Oklahoma country girl!  I had so much fun taking photos with my sister out at my dad's land.  I've been lucky to live in some of the most amazing places in the world, but I'll always believe that Oklahoma tops the charts in beauty.


  1. Wow, all that piecing! What a lot of work but totally worth it. It turned out adorable!

  2. I love the patchwork detail of the skirt and that necklace. =D

  3. The herringbone design turned out beautifully! Like a piece of art work incorporated into your wardrobe. The necklace is a great pop of color too.

  4. Trish can I have your e-mail? Need to send you something.

  5. feelingkindathriftyOctober 14, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    Thank you Desarae. It was definitely a challenge trying to figure out what to do with this skirt. I love your vest, and your photos are fabulous. You must live in a beautiful place.

  6. feelingkindathriftyOctober 14, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    Thank you, Magda. I like how it turned out, although it was difficult getting the leather to smooth out.

  7. feelingkindathriftyOctober 14, 2013 at 8:39 AM

    Thanks, Carissa. I'm glad that I got to make it for my sister.

  8. Thank you! Yes, we live in a valley that is surrounded by a canyon is ruggedly beautiful!


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