Saturday, October 5, 2013

Refashion Runway Week Three: Funky Corduroy Peplum

Note: I'm traveling this week, so this post is going to be brief on descriptions and heavy on photos. 

I found this amazing corduroy muumuu at a Goodwill fundraiser and knew right away that I had to get it. I even paid $10 for it, which is way more than I usually pay for a piece. 

This lovely muumuu had only one pocket.  I wonder why there couldn't have been two.


I made the bodice from the sleeves of the muumuu and used my dress form to fit it. This made a cute sweetheart neckline.  I added a princess line down the front and hand stitched boning into the front seams to create some shape.

Shaping sleeves to make bodice.


There was plenty of fabric for the skirt, so I used my dress form to size a large rectangular piece.  I then attached the two sections. Before adding the band around the middle, I created the peplum.  I wanted to play around with the shape of it, so I first used a piece of scrap fabric.  I cut out an arch and pinned to one half of the dress.  I ended up adding some pleats on the sides and cutting away a slope at the middle and back.  This scrap piece became my pattern for the corduroy peplum.   Once the peplum was sewn around the middle, I added the band.  To make the dress pop (as if it needed any help), I added a deep red bias tape around the peplum, top and bottom.  A zipper was installed in the back, and viola!

Parts for Middle Band

Peplum Pattern

I really love how this dress turned out.  It's perfect for the Holidays!


  1. Very cute! And, it looks great on you!

  2. This turned out fantastic! The print is so bright and cheerful. Also, I think I have those exact same Tom's wedges!

  3. I love how you used the sleeves to make the sweetheart neckline - very creative. You did a great job with a scary starter garment :) Good clear directions and photos, and it looks so nice on you.

  4. Wonderful job, Trisha! I really, really love the colors and print of this fabric. And the pop of red you used to trim it all in is perfect! Using the sleeves for the bodice was such a great idea, you are right, I makes for a lovely sweetheart neckline. You look amazing in it! Congratulations on the tie-win for Emerald!

  5. Hi Trish! I'm stopping in from the Refashion Runway. Your dress absolutely stopped me in my tracks. All I could think was, "Wowza!" You did a FANTASTIC job! Especially knowing that it came from a muumuu. Great call on trimming it out in red and awesome styling! Good luck! ~M.


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