Friday, November 8, 2013

Coffee Cozy Winner and a Simple Refashion

Good morning!  The winner of the adorable coffee cup cozy is... Mamaamani (Comment#2)!  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy using it to drink your tea each morning.  You can contact me at to claim your prize.

Readers, stay tuned for more nifty prizes coming up next week.

Now for a simple refashion.

This past Friday, my friend Kim (Bearded Owl Crochet) hosted a craft night at her place, which has an AMAZING view.    

It's not often that I get to refashion clothes for others, so I was excited when Kim asked me to fix a dress that didn't quite fit.  She had purchased this adorable owl dress on etsy a few months ago and was bummed to find out that the sleeves were too tight.

I tried detaching them, but it was still too tight around the chest area.

So...  I ended up cutting the top off.

Because the material was so slinky, I had some trouble adding a band and zipper.  So, I ended up installing an elastic waist.  I just stitched a small hem around the top and folded it over to the width of the elastic.  I then sewed down the edge of the folded part to create a tube, leaving about an inch open. I snaked a piece of elastic through the opening and stitched it together at the ends.  Lastly, I stitched down the edge of the one inch opening.  Now Kim has a cute mini owl skirt that she can wear comfortably.


  1. Nice save! And I love the owl print!

  2. Good job, cute skirt. Love you, your mother


  3. Thanks, Carissa. One if Kim's signature crochet items is an owl, so I'm happy she'll be able to wear her new skirt to craft shows and such.


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