Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hoot! Hoot! DIY Owl Phone Cases

Aren't they cute?  I've seen these owl phone cases all over Pinterest.  And when my lovely sister-in-law asked me to make her one for her birthday, I was all too happy to oblige. 

I began with a few pieces of felt and some scrap fabric.

As you can see, I used my cutting board to cut the main cover pieces (light blue) 3x5.  The wings (dark blue) measure about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2, and the fabric scrap measures 3 x 2. *I ended up using another piece of scrap fabric but forgot to put it in the photo.

You'll need to add about an inch and a half on each side for an iPhone 5.  Also, I made this cover for a coverless iPhone. 

After folding the 3 x 2 piece of scrap fabric in half longways, I used my French curve to cut a curve around the top.

Once opened, this piece became the owl's belly.  I placed it at the bottom of the felt.


For the triangle head piece, I took a rectangle and used my straight edge to cut to the middle of the rectangle one one side and then the other.

This triangle piece was placed at the top of the felt.

Next, I made the wings by tracing a wing shape onto navy felt.

I cut two larger circles out of white felt and two smaller circles out of black felt for the eyes and an orange triangle for the beak.

Putting It All Together

I  stitched the belly and head piece onto the felt using a zigzag stitch. *Note: You'll notice that I only stitched the inside edges.  The outside edges were stitched later.

My next steps were to zigzag stitch the rest of the front pieces on in this order  - wings, white circles for eyes, black circles for eyes (over the white), orange beak.

To create the lining, I cut two 3 x 5 rectangle pieces from yellow cotton fabric.

Using a straight stitch, I stitched these yellow pieces to the light blue felt pieces along the top edges, right sides facing.

You'll see in this photo that I hand stitched little v's on the wings to give them some definition.

Lastly, I pinned the cover down on the inside of the two felt pieces and zigzag stitched around the three outside edges.

These cases were fairly easy to make, and they lend themselves to creativity and personal style.  I'd love to see some photos of one's you've made using this tutorial.  Share your creations! : )

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