Friday, July 25, 2014

Stylish in Seattle

Summer bliss...  Seattle has turned out to be the perfect vacation destination for our family. Cool weather, beautiful scenery and amazing food and drinks. We are saciated. 

Luckily, I brought along a recent refashion for a night out. 

Here's how this wild top began it's life. 

Unfortunately, my photographer was out if town when I began this refashion, and I had to snap a photo of it hanging up. 

I found the significantly oversized top at Holy Nativity Thrift Store for $2. I loved the feel of the thick slinky fabric, but I wasn't wild about the print. (Ha!  Get it?)  Anyway...  

I decided to give it a try. 

I began by taking it apart. 

Next, I trimmed the sides and armholes. 

And cut it across the middle. 

I then trimmed up the sleeves and cut them off about 3/4 of the way down. 

The original shirt front became the back, and the original back became the front. 

The new neckline was a little large, so I put in a few pleats. 

This summer I learned to use my serger (which I love), so I serged down the back and around the top of the bottom half. 

I also went around the top half. 

Next, I sewed the top and bottom half together. 


For the sleeves, I serged around the edges and...

Hemmed them up about an inch. I don't have a photo, but I added elastic. 

Next, I added elastic around the middle. 


Now this wild print is super stylish. 

Before/ After. 

A big thank you goes to my sweet sis-in-law who snapped the photos. 


  1. Love the new top; it's amazing what can be made from a plain blouse. Did you have any problems learning to use the serger? Great photos of the city!

    1. Hi Jenny. I think the hardest part of using the serger was just getting started. It was so intimidating. But once I watched the video tutorial and got it threaded, it was surprisingly easy to use. I have the straight edge stitching down, but I'm haven't tried anything fancy.


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