Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Isn't Over Yet.

Happy times at the pool.  "Throw me again, Daddy!"  This kid is a little fish.  Already swimming and growing up so fast. 

So... Surprise!  I actually finished a refashion, and here I am posting again this month.  Remember this dress? 

It's been hot and humid here - uncomfortable for Hawaii.  I've been wearing the most airy clothes I can find, and this refashion came at just the right time.  I started with this dress. 

This Tori Richard dress came to me through a consignment shop.  I found it on the rack with the tags on, and couldn't believe that it was only $20 (retailing for $125).  Then I tried it on and realized why it was such a deal.  There were holes on the bottom half.  When I showed the owner, she insisted on giving it to me for free.

I tried to wear it as is, but it wasn't so comfortable and a little loose in the bust. It was a prime candidate for a 60's style summer dress.

I used my 60's dress as a pattern and cut a V and armholes in the bottom section of the Tori Richard.

I then used the top part of the 60's dress to draw a pattern for the neckline and sleeves.

There wasn't enough fabric for two layers, so I used one of my husband's old shirts for the neckline and sleeve lining.  Can you believe he was going to throw it away?

I made the back pattern section a bit longer than the front so that the shoulders would hang nicely. 

I used what was left of the top to make the outer layer of the neckline and sleeves. 

Ugh!  Sometimes I don't think things through very well.  I cut two of the same piece.  I ended up having to sew scraps together so that I could cut another piece. 

Good thing it's a busy pattern. 

I added interfacing to the outer layer. 

In the next sections, you'll see that I stitched the lining to the outer layer.

I ironed them down. 

I then stitched the front and back together. 

And flipped them inside out.  

I sewed the front and back together at an angle. 

And sewed it to the dress. 

I added bias tape around the armholes and patched the holes.  Once I figured out the pattern, this dress was super easy to make.  I love it!!!

So much more practical. Oh!  And I got the DKNY slippers at a garage sale for $3.  Score!

May your remaining summer days be blessed.


  1. Love it! Wish I was that creative.

    1. Thank you. Check out this article: You might be surprised to find out that you are more creative than you think. I'm glad you stopped by.

  2. Wow! The new one turned out even better than the first one!!!


    1. I agree, JJ. Although I liked the maxi dress, there weren't many places I could wear it. My new dress is great for work. Thanks for stopping by. : )

  3. love love love! you did it again!

    1. Thank you! Now, I just need to make ten more, and my wardrobe is set.

  4. You have talent! I love this. And I like that you improvised when you cut the wrong piece. I would give up right about there, but you made it work. There's a lesson in that!

    1. I did almost give up, Jenny. But through my mistakes, I'm learning to be more resourceful. Thank you for your encouraging comments.

  5. Wow, you've got some serious sewing skills, Trish! The dress looks fantastic on you and perfect for hot summer days. Hope your school year has gotten off to a good start. :)

    1. As do you, Beth, thank you! My school year has started of wonderfully. I really love working with the teachers. How about your year?


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