Thursday, October 2, 2014

Polka Dot Period.

I'm calling this my polka dot period.  I can't stop making things with polka dots.  I made the above two dresses using a pattern.  Just can't get enough!  I love these two dresses so much...  

I can't say the same for this dress, however.  Yet, again I couldn't pass on the polka dots, and the stretchy fabric is perfect for a pencil skirt.

I cut the top off.  

And used my favorite Top Shop pencil skirt as a pattern.  

I thought I'd be extra crafty and make the top right side a little scrunchy.  So, I cut it a bit taller. 

Then, I pinned pleats and sewed over the top.

Hmmm....  I didn't plan so well because the back side ended up being higher than the top.  

Easy enough.  I just trimmed it up.  Next, I pinned the sides together and stitched each one. 

Lucky I have a serger.  I serged the sides up, and now it looks so professional : ).

I used an inch wide piece of elastic for the waistband. 

And I pinned it around the top.  

Loving this serger!!  I serged the elastic to the top of the skirt - on the wrong side.  If you don't have a serger, you could use a zigzag stitch.

When you flip it over, you have a nice elastic waistband. 

I stitched along the side seams to keep the waistband down.  Super easy. 

Ok...  So... The bottom didn't turn out exactly like I had planned. Neither did the side pleats add anything that obviously creative.  But all hope was not lost. 

I found a skinny piece of elastic and sewed it into the side of the skirt.  Sorry, I don't have photos.  I was so focused on making this work that I forgot to take a photo of the installation.  I was planning on "re-enacting" the photo with another piece of elastic, only to find out that I had no more. 
Here's a pretty good tutorial for sewing elastic. 

Nice and scrunchy.


Now I have a lovely pencil skirt to add to my growing polka dot fashion collection!


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