Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frumpy Top Refashion

Talk about frumpy!  I found this piece at a garage sale down the street for $2, and although I loved the black and white print, it was way too frumpy. 

Dotty looking frumpy.
I guessed that it would be an easy fix, so I put it on Dotty (inside out), and began to size it up.  

Lots of excess baggage here.

Once the shirt was sized up, I took it off Dotty and cut the sleeves off at about three quarters length.  

I then pinned the excess material on the sleeves to match with rest of the top.

After stitching up the sides, I cut off the excess material and sewed a double hem around the sleeves.  In no time, I had a super cute, frumpless top.

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