Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Minion T-Shirt

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Thanks to my little man, I have a cute tutorial to share with you.  While going through one of my Pinterest boards, he and I stumbled across an adorable Monster Shirt Tutorial.   He said, "Mommy, I'd like to have that shirt."  I love it when I have an opportunity to make something for him, so I jumped right on it.  The above tutorial was done with Heat 'n Bond, but I stitched mine using a zigzag stitch.

He loved it so much that he asked me to make him a Minion shirt next.  It was surprisingly easy.  I've put together a brief tutorial for you.


*I used scraps that I already had, but you can use any cotton fabric.

Yellow T-shirt
Fusible Interfacing
Sewing Machine
Circular Objects in Various Sizes (for tracing)
Black Thread (for the eyeball)

*Note:  I couldn't find a plain yellow shirt, so I bought a white one from Wal-Mart for $4 and dyed it yellow.

I began by tracing a large mask on the gray fabric. I used an old t-shirt, but any cotton fabric would work, and a small bowl.

 For the eyeball, I used a scrap piece of white cotton fabric and a slightly smaller lid than the bowl above.

 A thread spool was used for the center eye.  I traced it onto a piece of felt.

 The pieces should come together like this:

I cut the mouth piece from a piece of black cotton.  For the teeth, I placed the mouth over a white piece of cotton fabric and measured across.

Once the length was measured, I cut out a rectangle.  I then cut out individual teeth and trimmed them so they would fit in the mouth.

For the goggle strap, I cut two rectangles from black cotton fabric.

When all of the pieces were cut, I ironed on fusible interfacing to the back of each piece.  To do this, I placed the pieces on top of the interfacing and then placed a piece of scrap fabric over them.  This keeps the glue from getting stuck on the iron.

When the pieces were put together, they looked like this.

The pieces were stitched on using a zigzag stitch.  Here's a great tutorial for sewing applique with a machine. I stitched them on in this order:
  1. straps
  2. gray goggle
  3. white eyeball
  4. brown center eye
  5. black mouth
  6. individual teeth
Lastly, I stitched a circle on the brown center eye by hand.

The finished product was a success!  My little man was so excited to wear his new minion shirt to school.


  1. This is just so cute! Lucky fellow to have a crafty mom :)

  2. Thank you, Jenny. I really love his reaction to the things I make him. He gets so excited.

  3. soooooooo cute !!!!!!!


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