Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Peplum Refashion

Happy Holidays!  I hope your Thanksgiving was as peaceful and refreshing as mine. I was blessed to be with my son, husband, and some good friends. 

Today I have a Holiday inspired peplum refashion for you, and I need your advice on how to finish it. I was excited when my mom gave me this red jersey polo because I knew right away that it would make a great Holiday top.

Don't you think this outfit would have been perfect for Turkey Day?

I guess I have been on a peplum kick lately, but they've just been working out so well with these types of shirts.

I began by cutting the bottom half of the shirt off and seam ripping the sleeves.

After removing the collar, I cut the back of the shirt down the middle. I wanted the back to become the front and the front the back.  How confusing is that!  Eventually, it will make sense.  

I then sewed up the middle again, leaving about three inches open at the top.  This created a v neckline.

Not the greatest photo.

After sewing up the front, I turned the top inside out and put it on my dress form for fitting.  I took in at the shoulders and sides and added darts.

The front buttons are turned around to become the back.

Next, I trimmed the excess fabric off the shoulders to prepare for the sleeves.

Facing left side trimmed.

For the sleeves, I created and attached them the same way as I did the plaid peplum top.  I wanted to give this top a different look, so I made the sleeves quarter length. 

For the peplum, I decided to gather the bottom half instead of pleat it.   To do this, I back stitched only at the beginning and stitched a wide stitch all the way around the edge.  Once the stitch was finished, I pulled the top thread and pushed the gathers around the edges until it was even and fit onto the top section of the shirt.  

I then pinned the gathered bottom to the top part of the shirt, right sides facing, and stitched it around the edges.

Wow! I was really off on my photos this week.  Sorry.  Can you see the pinned edges?

Now, here's where I need your help.  My husband says that the top needs a little extra something, but I can't decide what to do.  Here's what I've come up with so far. 

Option 1: Leave the neckline as is.

Option 2: Trim the neckline in white bias tape.

Option 3: Ruffled neckline.
What do you think?  Do you like any one of these options? Or do you have some ideas of your own?  Please help! : )


  1. Nice, I vote for the option 2..... Good job.

  2. I vote for option #3, again wow and good job my dear daughter.

  3. Option #1! Simple and beautiful!

  4. I like option 2 as well. It gives it that little extra something without being too much. I think the ruffled collar maybe overpowers the peplum a bit.

  5. Love it! It turned out great and looks super comfy but cute. I like it the way it is so you can wear a statement necklace.

  6. Sorry to your hubby, I vote for option #1 and agree with Amber...wear it with a statement necklace, and/or a fun belt.

  7. Definitely 1 or 2, with necklace.

  8. #1 with a bold necklace!

  9. Love 3! You are amazing!!!!

  10. I like 1 or 3 with bling...its Christmas!

  11. 1 or 3 option 2 is a bit sporty or cheerleaderish (I bet thats not even a real word!) I love your refashions.

  12. I agree with the other do a great job on all the efforts I have seen. I too like the first option plain or with a bold statement!

  13. Option 1, simple

  14. I like option 1 and wear a nice necklace with it - your hubby probably wasn't picturing that it would have something added to it ... it's a beautiful colour and well done; enjoy wearing it!

  15. I like the ruffle!

  16. I vote for #3! That ruffle is too cute!

  17. #1 and dress it up with a statement necklace

  18. Thank you for sharing this great refashion with the Refashion Co-op - I love your detailed tutorial.

    1. Happy New Year, Eddie. I am glad that this tutorial was helpful. I am trying to work on clarity and thoroughness. I appreciate your feedback!


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