Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Red Peplum Winner...

Thank you so much for your input!  I loved your comments and took your votes to heart.  In the end, I went with Option #1, which had the most votes.  To finish off the neckline, I added a biased edge from the project scraps.

I also loved your idea to pair the top with a statement necklace.  I decided on a necklace that I made a few years ago, using pearls and sea glass.  This went nicely with a 100% silk brocade Tori Richard skirt that I found at Goodwill (with the tags on!) for $4 and a pair of purple heels that I scored for $3.50. 

I can't wait to wear my new red peplum this Holiday season!



  1. Love the way it turned out!!

  2. Looks so great on you and i love the skirt and shoes!

  3. It looks lovely! Enjoy wearing it!

    I love the "Baggy to Boutique" phrase :)


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