Thursday, December 5, 2013

Three in One Refashion

I'm really excited to post my first reader refashion!  A particularly skilled friend of mine, Junko, turned this dress into a fashionable long skirt for one of her coworkers.  She then worked her magic on the scraps.  So resourceful!

Here's how the dress started its life - not too bad but a little on the large side.

First, Junko measured where she wanted to cut the dress, using her dress form. 

She then cut it, stitched a hemmed tube around the top and added elastic.  

The new skirt turned out very stylish!

Nothing went to waste in this project.  Junko used the scraps to make a bag...

and a business cardholder.

Mahalo for sharing, Junko!

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  1. Don't you love refashions that use up as much as possible?! Your friend did a great job.


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